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About Agora Advantage

Our Story

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley California, Agora Advantage was founded after we realized that the way business owners find the best products and services for their business was broken. Traditional companies in the "merchant service industry" revolve around the idea of rewarding their sales teams for bringing in new accounts, while focusing considerably less time rewarding their loyal customers and affiliates. This resulted in high fees for business owners on credit card processing, uncertainty in how to find additional products/services to help grow their business, and many businesses switching services trying to find the right partner. Inevitably this brought confusion and frustration to those running a business. 

So we set out to bring clarity to this chaotic industry. With 25 years of experience in merchant services, Agora Advantage was created by industry veterans to bring more value to businesses, business owners, and resellers than was ever done previously. Our system of "Inclusion" hyper-rewards everyone and gets them on the same team. We reward business owners with world class services at steep discounts in the Merchant Marketplace, and we reward individuals for sharing our Merchant Marketplace and Income Opportunity with others.


We're a company that helps businesses achieve their goals. Agora Advantage came about as a way to better service our Merchants.  We are constantly being asked for recommendations for other suppliers.  We came up with the idea of the Merchant Marketplace. We have done the legwork for you, the business owner, so that you may spend your time growing your business.  We've screened the vendors in our Marketplace with you in mind.

Executive Team

Steve Aust: Executive Chairman, Co-founder

Steve Aust has built a career of solid business experience that spans over 30 years. Since 1991, he has successfully raised over $100M in Venture Capital for several direct sales companies. Among these firms are the,, and where he also assisted the company to succeed with its initial public offering. He performed in the top 100 Networkers for 12 years with various direct sales companies with over 250,000 distributors. Mr. Aust also played professional basketball for the European League as well as the Summer League for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Vince W. Baker: Chief Executive Officer

Vince Baker is a highly motivated Business Marketing Agent, Internet Marketing Coach, Public Speaker and Author. Vince has a proven track record of succeeding in competitive sales markets, internet marketing, leadership roles, problem-solving and coaching top sales reps. His years of experience ranges from Yellow Pages, Direct Mail, Internet Marketing, and Business Coaching. His multi-dimensional experience in all these forms of marketing has enabled him to bring success to a vast array of business owners and sales agents.

Stuart Rosenbaum: Chief Operating Officer,  CFO

Stuart Rosenbaum co-founded US Merchant Systems in 1992, where he currently serves as CEO. His business development and strategic alliance strategies have helped the company serve more than 80,000 clients since 1992, and process billions of dollars in credit and debit card transactions.  Mr. Rosenbaum also co-founded IntelliPay- a leading internet payment gateway, IntelliCash- an ATM sales and service company, Payquake a low-cost online payment solution and first payment partner for Go Daddy, Convenient Payments where he currently serves as Chairman, and Merchant Smart Capital. 


 Kevin Thompson, Compensation Plan Counsel

Kevin Thompson is an MLM attorney and a founding member of Thompson Burton PLLC. Named as one of the top 25 most influential people in direct sales, Kevin has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses on secure legal footing. Recently Bloomberg TV with Steve Forbes, Thompson is a thought-leader in the industry. He developed his passion for direct sales as an Amway distributor. With his competitive nature, Kevin was drawn to the world of working with young network marketing companies trying to make a difference selling superior products and services through networks of people. As a DSA supplier member, Kevin Thompson is actively involved on the Ethics Committee and Government Relation Board to help steer the industry into a promising future. Prior to starting his law practice, Kevin gained valuable experience while serving as Chief Counsel for Signature Management Team, LLC, also known as Team. Team is one of the largest providers of sales aids for distributors in the network marketing industry. While at Team, Kevin worked closely with Amway and MonaVie’s compliance departments to ensure Team’s marketing materials passed regulatory review.


Whether you're a business owner or want to help businesses improve their efficiency, you can join today and instantly become included as part of the Agora Advantage team!

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